Sophia Sandoval: A Young Wonderwoman

Sophia holding her "last day of chemo" signSince her cancer diagnosis more than a year ago, 4 year old Sophia Sandoval has used her “super powers” to fight back against cancer. Sophia draws strength from her love of super heroes, including Wonder Woman and the Pink Power Ranger. She is often sporting a Wonder Woman costume and uses the Wonder Woman theme song as her soundtrack while receiving cancer treatments.


After being diagnosed with medulloblastoma at 3 years old, Sophia underwent surgery to remove the brain tumor and then started chemotherapy.  In early 2015, Sophia completed chemo and was declared cancer-free. A picture of Sophia, dressed as Wonder Woman, holding a sign declaring “My last day of Chemo. It was tough, but I was tougher” went viral, even gaining the attention of Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman.


Unfortunately in June 2015 the Sandoval family learned Sophia’s cancer was back. She started chemo again, but in October learned that the chemo was not working. They then decided to travel from their home in San Antonio to Houston for treatment at the MD Anderson Proton Clinic. While in Houston the family stays at Ronald McDonald House Houston’s Holcombe House.


Sophia’s current treatment is shrinking the cancer. Now 4 years old, Sophia and her family keep fighting and Ronald McDonald House Houston allows them to fight together just steps away from the best medical care. Sophia and her parents travel between San Antonio and Houston and Sophia is completely at home at RMH Houston. In fact, on her last visit she was upset that she was leaving, but her mom assured her they would return to their Houston home again.


Sophia and her mom getting dinner at RMHH

Sophia and her mom fixing dinner plates at RMH Houston

Sophia and her mom at the Holidays

Family holiday photo with Mr. and Mrs. Claus