McDonald’s Olympic Kids Program

In partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities and McDonald’s USA, Nadia and Bruce Munoz, a sibling friendship duo who stayed at our Holcombe House, were selected for the once-in-a-lifetime experience to participate in the Opening Ceremonies for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.


Amelia and Gabriel, commonly referred to as Nadia and Brice, are brother and sister both born with the same genetic condition, glycogen storage disease type 4.  As a result, both are transplant recipients and require ongoing care. Since May 2006, Brice’s liver transplant, the Munoz family has remained a part of the ‘fabric’ of RMH Houston.  Their regular visits have afforded families, volunteer and staff the opportunity to watch them grow from a very small toddler boy and a newborn baby girl into the strong, active, loving siblings that they are today.  Known to greet everyone they meet with the warmest hugs, Brice and Nadia, epitomize the heart of our growing home.


Over the years, we’ve all watched Nadia and Brice care for one another not only as brother and sister but as two children who truly understand the struggles of one another’s diagnosis and the unique experience of receiving organ transplants and growing up in a home away from home supported by so many caring and compassionate individuals.  Their friendship and love for one another appears to offer healing and support not only for each other but for their family and those of us that have had the opportunity to be along for their journey.


On July 18, RMH Houston enlisted the help of former Olympians, local sports celebrities and Ronald McDonald, himself, to make the surprise announcement to Nadia and Bruce.  The fun-filled afternoon included an Olympic-themed party with kid-friendly competitions – javelin throw, balance beam, ribbon dancing and more!