Our On-Site HISD Schoolroom

Child-patients registered for an extended stay at our Holcombe House can keep up with their education at our on-site school room taught by Houston Independent School District (HISD) certified teachers.

Children at Ronald McDonald House® Houston registered for an extended stay are eligible to enroll at our on-site Houston Independent School District (HISD) school room. Students enrolled in our on-site school program are taught by an HISD-certified teacher three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM) in order to keep up with their education. Ms. Williams, who is the teacher assigned to our program, works with our kids on Reading, English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. She also gives them assignments to work on independently.


“Attending school at the Holcombe House has helped me build up my confidence and prepared me for public school. Although classes were only half days, and the number of students were limited, my one-on-one experience with the teacher gave me the advantage of her full attention and the benefit to learn and focus on my school work. After two years I am now back home in Austin and attending public high school…loving every minute of it!” shares 14-year-old Angelina Flack. Angelina was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and would need a double lung transplant. Her family stayed at our Holcombe House for over 153 days before she was waitlisted for lungs, 330 days while waiting for a transplant, and 71 days post-transplant. She has since received the gift of lungs, successfully recovered from surgery, and returned home.


Like Angelina, a child that enrolls in our school program becomes a student-patient keeping up with their schoolwork while going to hospital appointments, procedures, and treatments. This allows our children to maintain a sense of normalcy during a time where they are far from home, and eases the transition back to school once they are able to return home.