These Highschoolers Use Their Spare Time To Fundraise For Families In Need

Emma and Claire Nesbitt are the teenage twins who, together, co-founded Hope Thrives for Houston, a nonprofit organization that supports local charities in the Houston community. The girls, alongside their team of over forty volunteers, create and sell jewelry. 100% of the proceeds from their sales go toward four Houston-area nonprofits. The girls have just entered their junior year of high school and have personal connections with each non-profit that they support – including our very own Ronald McDonald House Houston.


Emma and her mom, Mary, stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Ohio a few years ago when Emma needed to meet with a doctor there. Although they only stayed for two nights, they were forever moved by the experience. From the hot meals provided each day to the police officer who escorted them from the House across the street to the hospital, the entire experience made a lasting impact. But what truly moved Emma and Mary were the connections that were forged between families at the Ronald McDonald House.


Just over a year ago, sisters Emma and Claire decided it was time to make an impact in the lives of families and children in their own community: Houston. They thought long and hard about how they could do this and finally came to the decision that they would create and sell jewelry. Since they were still in high school, they knew that they would need volunteer support in order to run a business of this capacity on their own. Luckily, this is where their friends and family stepped in, easing some of the burden, and volunteering to complete tasks that could ultimately help them meet their fundraising goal.


Today, Hope Thrives sells a wide variety of jewelry to benefit Ronald McDonald House Houston, and three other local organizations. Both Emma and Claire feel that running Hope Thrives has been an amazing learning experience for each of them. Claire mentioned that this experience has helped her to learn the importance of maintaining a positive attitude when challenges arise, while Emma has learned the importance of time management, as well as how to maintain good customer relations.