Meet Andrea

Andrea, one of our guests from South Texas was here to receive treatment at Texas Children’s Hospital to help her fight a rare cancer, Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. She and her family stayed together at Holcombe House for 345 days and used the Family Room at Texas Children’s Hospital in between appointments and procedures. Their days were long, and yet Andrea continued to fight like a champion with her family by her side, even in the presence of a global pandemic. Imagine being a parent of a critically ill child during the Coronavirus crisis. Ronald McDonald House Houston is committed to serving and supporting our families, especially now. A child with a life-threatening illness cannot put their medical treatment on pause even during a pandemic.

Ronald McDonald House Houston is more than a hotel. We provide a home away from home for families of children who are critically ill and being served in the Texas Medical Center. Keeping our families, and their already immune-compromised children, safe and healthy will always be our first priority. Regardless of the presence of a global pandemic, your support and your commitment to our mission, helps our families stay together, and connect with other families on similar journeys.

People come from near and far, even out of the country seeking the best medical care for their child. Stay at Holcombe House alleviates the stress of where they will stay during their child’s critical health journey.

RMHH also provides Family Rooms and sleeping rooms on pediatric floors at Texas Children’s Hospital, MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. When a critically ill child is in the hospital, moms and dads do not want to leave their bedside, just in case the doctor stops by or the child has a medical emergency. The Houses and Family Rooms inside the hospital are places parents can go for a shower, nap, cup of coffee, snack or a moment to pray in solitude. They are seconds away from the NICU, PICU or CVICU and they can take a much needed break from the constant beeping sounds of the medical equipment.

After nearly an entire year of staying at the Ronald McDonald House Houston, we have the pleasure of saying goodbye to Andrea and her family. We are so excited to send our warrior, Andrea, home to reunite with her dog, Jethro! We will miss this special family who were so photogenic and also welcomed the opportunity to goof around in front of the camera!  These girls really knew how to make us laugh.  When Andrea was feeling well she organized events so everyone in the House could have fun. Socializing is much more complicated for kids living in a world of social distancing and “masking up” in the House’s common areas, but Andrea is a role model. The younger kids always followed her lead; their parents appreciate her optimism, creativity and positivity. Join us in wishing them safe travels!