Social Work Program

Meeting the Needs of our Families

The Impact of Our Social Work Team at Ronald McDonald House Houston

At Ronald McDonald House Houston, we believe in the power of compassion and support for families facing challenging times. Behind our mission stands an exceptional team of social workers who have been instrumental in providing crucial assistance to our families.

The Evolution of the Social Work Program: Over the past few years, our Social Work program has seen significant growth and development. One of its most remarkable achievements has been the implementation of the intern program. With an endowed Social Work position and the addition of interns to our team, we are better able to support families.

Our skilled and compassionate team has opened doors for families, providing them with access to essential resources such as financial assistance, clothing, and other emergency needs. This helps bridge the gap from their arrival to their departure, creating access to necessities during their stay. These efforts have made a tremendous difference in the lives of our families, easing their burdens, and keeping them close when they need it most.

The impact of our Social Work team extends far beyond the practical assistance they provide. Their presence serves as a beacon of light and love within Ronald McDonald House Houston. Families who step into the Social Workers’ Holcombe House office find reassurance and comfort, knowing they have a dedicated team ready to support them through their journey. Their caring nature and unwavering commitment create a nurturing environment where families feel heard, valued, and empowered.

Ronald McDonald House Houston staff and families are immensely grateful for the invaluable contributions of our Social Work team. Their dedication, compassion, and expertise shine through every interaction, making a profound difference in the lives of our families. We want to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt appreciation for their unwavering commitment to our mission and the integral role they play at Ronald McDonald House Houston. each and every day.

Together, we will continue to create a warm and supportive environment where families can find comfort, strength, and hope.