Ronald McDonald House Houston

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement


For over 40 years, Ronald McDonald House Houston (“RMHH”) has offered a home away from home providing care, compassion and hope to families with seriously ill children being treated in Texas Medical Center member institutions. This has been accomplished by a special partnership of our families with our employees, volunteers, board members, hospital partners and donors (“our partnership”).

Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country, and RMHH strives to reflect our city and the diverse population we serve.  We are committed to providing, promoting and ensuring an environment that celebrates the diverse backgrounds and thoughts of each member of our partnership through a culture that is safe, equitable and inclusive.

Our Commitments

We are committed to ensuring RMHH is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.  This means each of our partners – families, employees, volunteers, board members, hospital partners and donors – whatever their gender expression or identity, race, ethnicity, color, language, national origin, age, religion, veteran status, political affiliation, physical or mental ability,  sexual orientation or identity, education or socioeconomic status – feels safe, valued and respected. Our obligations to each other are mutual.

In addition, we are committed to:

  • Understanding the diverse life experiences and celebrating the heritages of each member of our partnership.
  • Providing equal opportunity for employment and advancement in all our departments, programs, and worksites.
  • Promoting an inclusive, multicultural work environment, that extends to all of our locations, where employees can show their authentic selves, leverage their diverse skill sets and maximize their potential as they engage and interact with the families, board members, volunteers, donors and hospital staff
  • Respecting each member of our partnership as essential members of our team and recognizing the diverse backgrounds, experiences and cultures they bring to RMHH.
  • Offering training and support to ensure each member of our partnership understands the importance and value of successfully working in a multicultural environment.
  • Spending time and resources to add more diverse representation to our Board such that it reflects the diversity of our city.
  • Conducting regular Board reviews of all RMHH policies and procedures to ensure they are as equitable and inclusive as possible.
  • Strategizing to consciously cultivate and broaden our donor base so that it aptly reflects the diversity of our city.