Year In Review


Last year, we were proud to offer a home away from home providing care, compassion and hope to over 3,379 families with seriously ill children from 348 cities around the world.


Lesha Pulido Elsenbrook
I am often asked if spending time at the Ronald McDonald House Houston is 'depressing' or 'sad' and my response is always 'absolutely NOT!' For me, this is the most hopeful place I know. Seeing families share not only their difficulties but also their joys with one another helps me see what a truly special place the House is. The secret to what we do is the community aspect that brings families to lift each other up during some of their darkest times. Please know that your support brings a spirit of hope and healing to everyone who calls the House their home away from home.

Lesha Pulido Elsenbrook 2017 Board President & Capital Campaign Chair

The Five Things I Love Most About Ronald McDonald House Houston

  1. The courage of our families

    They are the bravest, strongest people I know. I come away continually inspired by their determination to beat the illnesses their children are battling.

  2. The selfless volunteers

    We hear so many negative things about our world today, but every day I see the good in our volunteers through the way they offer so much of their free time and spend it showing love and compassion to our families.

  3. Our special touch

    Ronald McDonald House Houston is unique in providing care to the entire family during a child’s time of greatest need. It provides a place for families to call home and it’s a place where mom and dad can rest, rejuvenate, and meet other families going through similar situations.

  4. Facing the future

    Through our Behind Every Door Capital Campaign, we are making plans to serve even more families that need us and meet the growing need for a place to call home while their child receives life-saving treatment.

  5. Strong community support

    YOU make everything possible. I am overwhelmed by your generosity and thankful for each and every gift. We literally could not make this work without you.

2016 Board of Directors

  • W. Gregory Looser, President
  • Deborah S. Gibson*, Vice President
  • Marilyn Mogas*, Secretary
  • Tom McGee, Treasurer
  • John R. Allender*
  • Carin Marcy Barth*
  • Brandon Baudin
  • Deborah L. Bauer
  • Hans Boas
  • Agatha E. Brann*
  • Stuart Brown
  • Muffin Clark
  • Daniel P. Connally
  • David E. Copeland*
  • Emily A. Crosswell*
  • Ana M. Denena
  • Mitch Derrick
  • Marc M. Dickson
  • Nancy Dinerstein
  • Karen W. Dixon
  • Lesha Pulido Elsenbrook
  • Suzanne Farrow
  • Lawrence M. Hanrahan, M.D.
  • Shannon Hayes, M.D.
  • Ryan Herbst
  • David E. Hicks
  • Tandra C. Jackson
  • Elizabeth D. Kelley, Founding Member
  • Josh M. McMorrow
  • Ginger Niemann
  • Dana O’Brien
  • Amy Reddell
  • Marjana Lindsey Roach
  • Jenn Rustay
  • Ken Sheirr
  • Susie A. Smith
  • Maggie Stacy
  • Philip Tenenbaum*
  • Christine M. Underwood
  • Chris Weber
  • Gary Wilson
  • Kathryn Wilson

Advisory Board

  • Maurine L. Alfrey
  • Julie Comiskey
  • ZoAnn Dreyer, M.D.
  • Dick East
  • Patti Everett
  • Christian A. Garcia
  • Lynn Guggolz
  • Peggy Hennessy*
  • Randy K. Howard
  • Eugenie S. Kleinerman, M.D.
  • Carolyn Klevenhagen
  • Paula Letbetter
  • Flo W. McGee*
  • Marilyn M. Miller
  • Don Mullins*, Founding Member
  • N. Jane Pierce
  • David G. Poplack, M.D.
  • Jeffrey S. Rawson
  • Diane M. Riley
  • Sally Bell Rutherford
  • Janet I. Theriot
  • Bette P. Thomas
  • Richard E. Wainerdi
  • Leonard E. Weisman, M.D.
  • Nelda Womack
  • C. Dean Woods
  • *Indicates past president

Impact: Our Programs

Ronald McDonald Houses

Our Ronald McDonald House programs provide a safe, comfortable, and affordable place for families to stay close by the hospital while their child receives treatment. We offer bedrooms, bathrooms, meals, activities, and quiet spaces at our various programs.

  • Holcombe House


    50 bedrooms

    • overnight stays 17,170 Overnight Stays
    • families 553 Different Families
    • meals 604 Meals Served
  • Texas Children's Hospital


    20 bedrooms, 4 family rooms and Cookie Corner at West Campus location

    • overnight stays 9,237 Naps & Overnight Stays
    • families 1,689 Different Families
    • meals 206 Meals Served
  • Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital


    14 bedrooms

    • overnight stays 6,869 Naps & Overnight Stays
    • families 1,078 Different Families
    • meals 113 Meals Served

Ronald McDonald Family Rooms

Our Family Room programs provide safe and welcoming places for families to take a break, enjoy a peaceful moment with a fresh cup of coffee, and share the companionship of other moms and dads.

  • Texas Children's Hospital


    We have four family rooms, plus our signature Cookie Corner program inside Texas Children's Hospital West Campus.

    • 23,719 Oncology & Hematology Patient Appointments & Admissions
    • 1,024 Cardiovascular Surgeries & Procedures

    • 1,242 Cardiovascular Catheterization Cases
    • 1,075 NICU Patient Admissions
  • MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital


    Our family room offers two overnight bedrooms, a family kitchen, waiting area, and lounge.

    • overnight stays 598 Naps & Overnight Stays
    • families 59 Different Families Stayed Overnight
    • meals 82 Meals Served

Impact: Our Families

In 2016, we served families from more than 16 countries around the globe seeking care in the Texas Medical Center for their critically ill child.

90% of our families are from Texas

Supporting families is the driving force behind all that we do. Through our programs, families are able to form friendships and take comfort in having others around them who understand exactly what they are going through. And while they may not all speak the same language, they easily connect and understand each other through common experience and compassion. Learn more about the families we serve.

RMH Families



  • Special Events (net) $1,553,870
  • Individuals $669,336
  • Family Stay Contributions $514,333
  • Third-Party Events/Revenue $303,146
  • Foundation $261,187
  • Corporate $159,630
  • RMHC Global $95,819
  • In-Kind Contributions $80,979
  • RMHC of Greater Houston/Galveston, Inc. $62,201
  • Investment Return/Other Income $42,247

Total revenue: $3,742,748


  • Program $3,338,070 73%
  • Development $803,815 18%
  • Administrative $410,344 9%

Total expenses: $4,552,229


  • Volunteers Hours of Service
  • 254

    Holcombe House

  • 253

    Texas Children's Hospital

  • 1

    Texas Children's Hospital West Campus

  • 82

    Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital

  • 74

    MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital


664 volunteers donated 26,635 hours for a total of $627,525 of donated time!

*The latest estimated value of volunteer time nationally is $23.56 per hour. (Indpendent Sector, 2015)

Did You Know?

Child-patients registered for an extended stay at our Holcombe House can keep up with their education at our on-site school room taught by Houston Independent School District (HISD) certified teachers.

Learn how Angelina continued schooling while she waited 330 days for a double lung transplant
Child-patients registered for an extended stay with us can keep up with their education at our on-site school room taught by Houston Independent School District (HISD) certified teachers.

Many organizations hosted fundraisers for us. From Peyton’s lemonade stand to Pin Oak’s annual charity horse show to Spring Klein’s girls’ softball tournament in partnership with Triple Crown Sports, these incredible fundraising efforts raised over $300,000 for our mission.

Check out our upcoming community fundraisers or learn how to host your own
Many organizations hosted fundraisers for us. From Peyton’s lemonade stand to Pin Oak’s annual charity horse show to Spring Klein’s girls’ softball tournament in partnership with Triple Crown Sports. These incredible fundraising efforts raised essential funds for our mission.

Hi there! I’m Mogie, and I'm the Key Comfort Ambassador at Ronald McDonald House Houston. Last year, one of my very special friends, Marissa, drew a picture of ME for the cover of our holiday cards. Thanks to many holiday elves like Lisa Kretzschmar and her team of Friends volunteers, we mailed over 3,000 cards and raised $59,585 for all the kids and families.

Learn more about our annual holiday card program! Mogie Card
I’m Mogie, and I'm the Key Comfort Ambassador living at the Ronald McDonald House in Houston. Last year, one of my very special friends, Marissa, drew a picture for the cover of our holiday cards featuring me!


We gained 1,443 new and incredible Facebook followers. Thank you for standing up for our families on social media by donating supplies each #WishlistWednesday, giving BIG for #BigGiveHouston, and keeping families close on #GivingTuesday.

Stay connected on the latest happenings by following us on Facebook

2016 Event Highlights

  • Chevron Houston Marathon

    January 17, 2016

    Over 90 runners ran for our families in the Chevron Houston Marathon. Together, our runners raised $84,439 putting Ronald McDonald House Houston in sixth place out of 62 participating charities. Read more

  • The RMH Cup

    April 18, 2016

    Teeing off at River Ridge Golf Club each year, The RMH Cup offers a competitive, yet fun day on the greens, as over 200 participants golf FORE the House. Your outstanding support helped us exceed our goal by raising $163,000! Read more

  • Summer Camp

    June-August 2016

    Each summer we offer a hands-on day camp packed with educational activities, fun games, arts and crafts, and a weekly field trip for kids and siblings staying at our Holcombe House. Camp brings the children a sense of normalcy and provides a welcome break from the daily reality of their illness. Read more

  • McDonalds Olympic Kids Program

    August 2016

    In partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities and McDonald’s USA, Nadia and Brice, a sibling friendship duo who stayed at our Holcombe House, were selected for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of participating in the Opening Ceremonies for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Read more

  • BOO BALL: The Lost Lagoon

    October 29, 2016

    Over 1,100 costumed guests attended the bone-chilling Boo Ball at Hilton Americas Houston. The evening featured spooktacular scenery, a frighteningly fantastic auction and dancing to the enchanted energy of The Grooves. Emceed by Don Nelson disguised as Nemo, this one-of-a-kind biennial gala raised $1,287,000 in gross revenue for our families. Read more

  • Trafigura Run for the House

    December 3, 2016

    In its seventh year, our annual fun run broke fundraising records raising $627,000 thanks to a generous match of up to $300,000 by the Trafigura Foundation. We couldn't have done it without the thousands of community supporters and our Trafigura family. Thank you, everyone! Read more

  • Santa Store

    December 2016

    Our Santa Store tradition, made possible by generous community donors, offered our children and families the opportunity to handpick gifts for one another so they could celebrate the holidays together even while away from home. Read more

Donor Spotlight

Trafigura Run Trafigura Run
Meet Trafigura

Often, the strongest partnerships with Ronald McDonald House Houston are forged because a critically ill child and his family need immediate support. This is, indeed, how Trafigura and later, the Trafigura Foundation, became one of our most significant supporters. In 2009, an employee from Trafigura’s Houston office had a newborn who needed emergency care at Texas Children’s Hospital. The Trafigura team rallied around the family, brought them meals and supported them while they stayed inside the hospital. Ronald McDonald House Houston’s staff and volunteers inside the hospital were pivotal sources of comfort. Mom and Dad needed to stay close to their son during his most critical days.

After the crisis, Trafigura asked how they could give back to the House. It was a natural fit to start a fun run! The first committee included Trafigura staff and others who benefited from the House. Since the initial Trafigura Run for the House in 2010, over $2.6 million has been raised, thanks to the generous matching funds from the Trafigura Foundation. In addition to helping plan our annual Trafigura Run for the House, their staff serves meals and hosts family activities regularly at our 50 bedroom Holcombe House. Key team members, including their Charity Committee members, attend our major fundraising events and serve on committees.

Today, Trafigura continues to have a lasting impact on Ronald McDonald House Houston. We are grateful for the generosity of Trafigura’s support, and the continued commitment of their employees to support our children and families.

Trafigura Run

Thank You

We are grateful for the generous contributions of our supportive community partners, who contributed $5,000 or more to our mission.

We are so grateful to all of our big-hearted individual and in-kind donors who support our mission in so many ways.
Without your support, we could not do what we do for families.

Expanding Our Reach

Thank you for making 2016 an incredible year for keeping families close during a challenging time. If you are moved to further support our mission, please contact us at or 713-795-3500. We'd love to hear from you! Make A Gift Today Become A Volunteer