Share a Night

Share A Night

Families faced with pediatric cancer bear tremendous financial burdens associated with their child’s care and treatment. When you join the Share a Night Campaign, you can help to relieve families of some of that burden by sharing the cost of their stay at the House.

Families are asked to contribute just $25 per night’s stay — a fraction of the actual cost of $200 per night — but many are unable to pay even that amount. Thanks to gifts from friends like you, no family is ever turned away due to their inability to pay.
Donations of $1,000 or more will be recognized by a lighted tree located at HH in their honor.


Keyris Age 12, Puerto Rico

We know we can count on you. But more importantly, brave children like Keyris can count on you. RMH Houston provides comfort, normalcy and a source of support to families during very difficult days.

Keyris’ cancer diagnosis required her to travel to MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital from Puerto Rico. Her stay at Holcombe House was possible because of YOU. Today, Keyris and her family are together when being together is most important.

Keyris and her family have been at Holcombe House for over 6 months. The treatment days are long and tiresome for everyone, but Keyris, known as Mulan the Brave Warrior, maintains a contagious sparkle and smile. She is the cool, role model to the younger Holcombe House kids while the other parents feel her strength and optimism. Holcombe House is their family.

“Your generosity makes it easier for us to pay medical bills, lodging, food, medicines and more,” says her mom, Alba. “It is a blessing to be in this place of strength.”

If you have any questions, please contact Diana Lewis at 713.795.3583 or email