Holcombe House

Who can stay at the Holcombe House?

The parent or guardian of any child 21 or under who is being treated at a Texas Medical Center institution for a serious illness is eligible to stay. Along with a parent/guardian, family members needed for emotional care and support of the patient may also stay; however the House permits only a total of four family members (including parents) to stay at one time. Finances and geography are not factors in eligibility. For full eligibility guidelines see the Holcombe House page

What is the admittance process for staying at the Holcombe House?

A background check is performed on all family members 18 or older prior to the first stay and once yearly, if applicable. The family will be placed on a request list until there is availability. The day before the anticipated check-in date, the family will be called and given an update on the status of their request to confirm that they still wish to stay at the House. Once admitted, a family may stay until they reach the maximum stay.

What services does the Holcombe Ronald McDonald House provide?

Our three-story building has 70 bedrooms each with two queen-sized beds and private baths, a large kitchen with several cooking stations, a special care kitchen for transplant patients, a dining room, a living room, a laundry room, a playroom for young children, and a game room for older children. Volunteers provide lunch and dinner meals for all House guests on a frequent basis, although daily meals are not guaranteed. The House receives regular donations of some staples such as milk, eggs, juice, and canned foods. Each family is assigned refrigerator and pantry space for food they purchase as well, and they have access to the common kitchen. There is also a daily shuttle schedule that makes runs to the hospitals in the TMC as well as to the local grocery store. We also have an on-site schoolroom with Houston Independent School District certified teachers that are assigned to the RMH Holcombe House for the school year.

Where is the Ronald McDonald Holcombe House located?

The Holcombe House is located in the Texas Medical Center at 1907 Holcombe Blvd, Houston TX 77030.

What hospitals does the Holcombe House serve?

We serve all hospitals that are members of the Texas Medical Center, including Texas Children’s Hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, Shriner’s Hospital for Children, CHI St. Luke’s Hospital, Methodist Hospital, TIRR, and Ben Taub General Hospital.

What is the maximum stay?

Families may stay up to 45 nights, then they must leave to make room for other guests. However, after one week the family may be placed on the request list once again. Families with children undergoing transplants may stay up to 100 nights.

How much does it cost to stay at the Holcombe House?

All families are encouraged to pay the $25 per night fee. Texas Medicaid is also accepted. However, no family is ever denied admission due to their inability to pay.

Texas Children’s Hospital

What services does Ronald McDonald House provide inside TCH?

Inside Texas Children’s Hospital, RMH Houston has one 20-bedroom in-hospital House and four Family rooms.

Where is Ronald McDonald House inside TCH located?

Abercrombie Building: Our 20-bedroom in-hospital House is located on the 4th floor (near the Orange Elevators) and serves NICU, PICU, and CVICU.

TCH Pavilion for Women: There is a Family Room on the 8th floor that serves NICU.

Clinical Care Center Building: There is a Family Room on the 14th Floor that serves the Hematology/Oncology Outpatient Clinic.

West Tower: There is one Family Room on the 9th Floor that serves Inpatient Hematology/Oncology and a Family Room on the 17th floor serving Cardiovascular ICU.

What services does the 20-bedroom in-hospital House provide?

This Ronald McDonald House offers a reception area, living room, kitchen, sitting areas, library/business center, quiet room, and laundry facilities. Families can visit with each other, enjoy a and take a break from the hospital environment. Volunteers occasionally provide meals for the families and host a weekly Pizza Night.

There are 20 bedrooms with private baths that are available for overnight stays and naps. On a daily basis, nursing staff assign rooms for an overnight stay.  An RMH Reception volunteer assigns naptimes which are available on a first come basis.  Main areas of the house are staffed from 9am to 9pm.  The bedrooms are accessible with the assigned card key after hours.

What services do the Family Rooms inside the hospital provide?

Family Rooms are open to families 24/7 and consist of a living area and kitchenette with refrigerator, microwaves, small appliances, snacks and beverages. They are a valuable asset for families providing them a welcoming respite close to their child.

How much does it cost to stay at the House inside TCH?

There is no cost to use any of the Ronald McDonald House facilities located inside the hospitals.

MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital

Where is Ronald McDonald House inside MD Anderson located?

The Ronald McDonald Family Room is located on the 9th floor of the Green Building (Elevator F) and serves pediatric patients at the hospital.

What services does the Family Rooms inside the hospital provide?

The Family Room at MDACCH is comprised of three individual rooms plus two bedrooms with an attached shower/bathroom.  One area provides TV, computers, a beautiful aquarium and comfortable seating and table areas.  Another room has a stocked library and business center with computers, printers and a fax machine. The busiest of all areas is the kitchenette/dining area providing snacks and beverages.  When volunteers are on duty they will often make freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

How much does it cost to stay in one of the bedrooms or use the facilities inside the Family Room at MD Anderson?

There is no cost to use any Ronald McDonald House facility located inside the hospitals.

Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital

Where is Ronald McDonald House inside CMHH located?

The 14 bedroom Ronald McDonald House located in the Hermann Pavilion Building is located on the 7th floor. There are 7 bedrooms, a lounge and laundry room which serves NICU and Neonatal Special Care.

The Lounge on the 8th floor serves the Neonatal Special Care Unit and the Roger Clemens Unit.

There are 7 bedrooms, a lounge and laundry room on the PICU, on the 9th floor.

What services do the in-hospital Ronald McDonald Houses provide?

The House and lounge has staff and/or volunteer support for the ICU families from 9am – 9pm.  Snacks and an occasional donated meal are also available. At any given time, a designated number of the seven bedrooms on the NICU floor are “care by parent” rooms, available to parents of newborns who transitioning home. These families may stay in the room for several nights, becoming familiar with the medical equipment they will take home.  Other bedrooms on the 7th floor and 9th floor are used for one-night stays and naps.  The hospital nursing staff assign overnight rooms. A lounge on the 8th floor include a kitchenette/dining area and snacks.

How much does it cost to stay at the House inside CMHH?

There is no cost to use any Ronald McDonald House facility located inside the hospitals.

Texas Children’s Hospital – West Campus

Can I stay at TCH West Campus?

No, unfortunately we don’t have any daytime or overnight facilities at TCH West Campus yet. However, we do have lovely volunteers that bake cookies for families with a child in hospital here, so feel free to come by the “Cookie Corner” and grab some fresh-baked snacks.