Often, the best chance of recovery for an ill or injured child is to travel to a hospital or treatment center that may be far from home.

This puts most families in a very difficult situation. For a child, not having mom or dad near during a critical time is stressful, even frightening, and can also slow recovery time.  For the parents, expenses mount quickly and their minds are constantly weighing the factors of life with the health and well-being of their child.

That’s why Ronald McDonald House Houston is so important. So close to major hospitals and treatment facilities, our Houses and Family Rooms are a home away from home built to keep families close to their child during a difficult and critical time. The houses have a suggested room fee for staying, but families in need are never turned away thanks to the generosity of our partners, our donors, and our volunteers.  The Ronald McDonald Houses provide many of the comforts of home, such as fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities, recreation areas, private guest rooms, and more.

We invite you to visit our four locations that care for nearly 2,000 families a year and see for yourself what a difference love can make in the health of a child. Learn more about how your family can use our services so you can focus on your child’s health and well-being.