MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital

Family Rooms and Bedrooms Inside
MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital

Family Rooms and bedrooms inside MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital provide a home away from home for the families of pediatric patients. We offer three lounge areas on the Pediatric Floor. These are “Safe” areas where medical staff is not allowed to diagnose, consult, or administer medications, but where patients and families can enjoy moments of normality.

We offer two private bedrooms with a shared bathroom. During COVID-19 only one bedroom is available at a time. Sign up at the Pediatric Welcome Desk to request the use of the overnight bedroom.


Family Kitchen

Family Lounge

Family Waiting Room

2 Private Bedrooms with Shared Bathroom


Complimentary Snacks

Our bedrooms are available to all in-patient families and can be requested on a daily basis. The use of the overnight bedroom is not guaranteed. If more than two people request use of the overnight bedrooms, the charge nurse will determine who the rooms will be issued out to, based on need. If an overnight room is not assigned, you will be notified before 4:00 p.m. so that other arrangements may be made.  Our overnight bedrooms offer a single-person bed, fresh linens, a night table, reading books/material, telephone, and wi-fi.  The recliner in the room can be converted into a single-person bed, allowing for the overnight bedroom to be occupied by two adults.  The two overnight bedrooms share a bathroom that is stocked with towels and toiletries.

Our Family Kitchen offers snacks and drinks to the patients and families on the pediatric floor as well as any outpatient families who visit the pediatric clinic on the 7th floor.

Our Family Lounge is a quiet place where you will find books, magazines, and other methods of relaxation such as soft music to listen to while you relax or connect with other parents. The Family Waiting Room is more of a family-friendly environment with a television, computer, printer, board games, and wifi.

There is no charge for services provided by RMH Houston inside MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital.