Frequently Asked Questions

[toggle type=”white” title=”Are there any requirements or skills needed to become a member of The HOU Crew? ” active=””]

Yes! Love, patience, kindness and some of your time. [/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Can both men and women join HOU Crew?” active=””]

Yes, we would love that! [/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”What is the difference between Friends and HOU Crew?” active=””]

HOU Crew is made up of young professionals (mid-twenties to mid-forties) with events and meetings taking place after 5:00 PM and on the weekends. Friends events typically occur during the day with a few events in the late afternoon or evening. [/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Does it cost money to join HOU Crew?” active=””]

We do ask for annual dues of $50.00 (per individual). Please see the main page for all membership options. [/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”What do the dues pay for?  ” active=””]

Dues are used to support our annual operating costs which fund our family dinners, activities and social events for HOU Crew. [/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Are there other costs throughout the year?” active=””]

None required; however, some of our events depend on additional donations (in-kind and/or monetary) from members for things such as food, paper goods or more. Additional donations are voluntary and strictly up to each member’s ability and desire to contribute. [/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”How do I get communications about HOU Crew?” active=””]

Once you join you will be begin receiving monthly emails which will inform you on meetings, socials, and other pertinent information. You will also begin receiving our volunteer newsletter which will alert you to any upcoming volunteer opportunities with our special events and other programs throughout the year. [/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”How often do HOU Crew have meetings?” active=””]

The HOU Crew has all member meetings quarterly. [/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”What kind of social events is The HOU Crew involved in?” active=””]

Social events are held quarterly and vary per year. Examples include: happy hours, workout classes, running groups and more. [/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Will we be directly involved with the families? ” active=””]

Yes, in some situations. [/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”I have a specific question. How can I get in contact with someone?” active=””]

Please feel free to reach out via email at with questions about becoming a member. [/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”I am ready to sign up what happens next?” active=””]

Once you sign up online you will receive a confirmation email which will give you further direction. A current HOU Crew member will reach out to you via email or by phone to welcome you and provide more information about the group. [/toggle]