Liz Kelley Emergency Fund

In 2022 RMHH established an Emergency Financial Assistance Fund to ease families’ burdens. The fund was established in honor of RMHH co-founder, Liz Kelley’s enduring legacy of commitment to sick children and their families.

About Emergency Financial Assistance

RMHH families apply to the Liz Kelley Emergency Financial Assistance Fund with the help of RMHH’s Family Support staff. Our Licensed Masters-Level Social Worker (LMSW) and Social Work student interns help parents navigate their family’s journey with their seriously ill child, identifying concerns and obstacles. Financial struggles are common among families at every income level. Sometimes, even small financial challenges create a tremendous amount of anxiety, especially when parents feel out of control, trying to support their child’s recovery. In the case of financial emergencies, Family Support staff turn to RMHH’s Emergency Financial Assistance Fund.

Our Family Support team verifies each family’s need for emergency financial assistance. Payments are made directly to companies or creditors for specific bills. Each family is eligible for one-time assistance.

Thank you for supporting this program!